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  • Light boxes and S.A.D.?

    Can anyone give me some advice on light boxes for SAD? Do I really need to spend 100's of dollars on an online product that I am not sure will really work? I considered buying a full spectrum bulb that is sold in a pet store that simulates sun light but didn't want to waste my money on that either...Help...Any advice or suggestions: I am already on anti depressants and will be contacting the dr to maybe up the dose...I have been struggling with this for several years now and am quite tired of it. Thanks for any advice","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2009-03-17T14:48:41Z"}}},{"Gsearch

  • How does a fluorescent light treat jaundice?

    What are the actual mechanics of this, I am aware that it reduces the levels of Bilirubin in the blood; but how? ultra violet light?","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2009-02-22T10:22:27Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"Oct 28, 2011 \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e Does \u003cb

  • I have a yellow cake mix, and some crushed pineapple..?

    also, sugar and brown sugar.. can I make a pineapple upside down cake with only these ingredients? If so ..can you give me some instructions on how to make it. ?","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2008-05-20T20:19:47Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"Aug 21, 2010 \u003cb\u003e

  • Replacing ceiling light - 5 wires from ceiling but only two wires in lighting unit? Which is which?

    I bought a new light fixture and it only has a white and black wire. The ceiling has 5 wires total - one black and two sets of white wires that are right next to each other. If I connect the black to the black where do I put the white wire and what do I do with the remaining group of two white wires? Thanks. The house is from 1972 if that helps.","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2011-02-20T21:25:34Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"

  • can an LCD Monitor be used for light therapy while working on a PC?

    Many people who need light therapy during months with shorter days for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will purchase expensive, full spectrum flourescent lamps that are specifically designed for combatting SAD. My question is... would it not be possible that an LCD computer monitor could be used for this purpose, assuming the right combination of colors is used on screen? For example, white on the screen is made up of red, green, and blue pixels. Would it be possible to recreate the necessary color spectrum with a monitor if the red, green, and blue are set at the right levels?","ogQuest

  • What is the difference between Speedi-beet and Sugarbeet?

    I know that speedibeet soaks faster, but does it have any other effect on horses? Also, what effect does sugar beet have on horses?","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2013-03-13T18:28:16Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"The most valuable farm commodities, in terms of cash receipts,

  • I have a 99 silverado with a security light when driving/no start sometimes problem, calling all GM Pros!!!!?

    My truck is a LS 5.3 it has a 160000.I got it two weeks ago and it ran fine,no problems.It started the other day when i tried to start it,it wouldnt.Waited the ten minutes and it started right up?The security light will come on when driving only sometimes?It seems like its doing it more and more frequently.If it does happen to start i will drive off and it will run fine.Now i wait to see if the security light is gonna come on.....yep there it goes,it might go off or stay on who knows.I just hope that the next time it will start and not make me wait.......Ive read stuff on a couple of forums th

  • Keep the heat and light out of my room. Costs/Options?

    I've got a pretty large picture window in my room, it is roughly 82 inches wide and 40 inches high, I have no other windows in my room. The window is about 4/6 my wall and I have cheap dark carpeting. I need a reletivley cheap way to block out the heat, and the light. I am looking for total sun block if possible as I work in the sun all day and just want to relax in a cold room on my days off with no sun light. So far I have looked into tinting, which looks too expensive. I have also looked at "Temptrol", but I don'nt know how much it runs or if its suitable for putting o

  • My indoor AC unit (Honeywell Universal mini-zone) constantly blinks the Purge yellow light. What is this?

    The purge light is constantly blinking and will then kick my fan on and then the purge light is on for the duration of the fan running (with all zone lights on) and then turn the fans off and go back to blinking.. This process repeats dozens of times per day.. The unit says a blinking purge means "ZMS sensor failure or none installed". Is this normal? Can I stop it from "purging"? And help would be appreciated.","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2013-01-15T22:36:26Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"

  • Can I turn granulated sugar into confectioners sugar with an electric hand mixer?

    I heard you can turn sugar into confectioners sugar with a blender, so if I use electric hand mixer to mix the sugar, would it work as equally?","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2013-07-29T20:26:46Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"Mar 10, 2007 \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e T

  • buying a 1997 BMW M3 (E36), is this a bad sign?

    I've been wanting to buy this BMW for the longest time, i love the car as a model and i'd love to have one. i found one for sale and was really considering buying it and was looking for an outside opinion on if i should do it or not.. this is the same info thats in the listing:: 190k miles. has receipts for most of the work/parts completed. maintenance,repairs, and replacements: Waterpump Electric Fan Coolant Reservoir Thermostat Housing Valve cover gasket power steering lines sunroof seal. aftermarket mods: Suspension Intake Exhaust other notes: engine light is

  • Eczema - light therapy. Does it work?

    I've only been treated for my eczema by a regular physician (steroid cream Triamcinolone in ear canal). I saw on Doctorology that eczema can be treated with light therapy. Anybody have that done? Did it clear up and stay that way or did you need to do it regularly (i.e. something you keep at home). I have never been to a dermatologist, but this episode has me thinking that maybe I should? My current treatment is cheap, but if I can clear it up that would be even cheaper over the long run and way less painful.","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2007-08-30T03:38:11Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":

  • hi i am a girl stay in China factory for car accessories ,i want to sell our product in USA ,but how can i ?

    i am mainly export sell for Protable Automatic car washing device Auto accessories , includ Minit Jump start ; air compressor ,emergency light ,LED neon lights ,vacuum clear , oil tank cover ,fan ,inverter, working light ;spotlight ; and so on . our website: if somday want to buy our products you can add my M S N: YAHOO:","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2006-12-23T03:20:05Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl

  • How can I get Medicare/Medicaid to pay for a prescribed Light therapy Lightbox for S.A.D?

    I started receiving disability benefits from SSDI in January 2009 so right now I have medicaid still but I will be switched to medicare in Jan 2010 so I'm a little confused about my coverage right now. My new Psychiatrist just suggested that I try a light therapy lamp for my seasonal depression but they are really expensive and I can't just go buy one unless I can get it covered. The shrink says she will sign whatever I need to get it but she doesn't know the process so I have to figure it out myself which is really hard for me since I tend to get panic attacks when I try to deal w

  • Light Therapy for SAD (winter depression) - Has anyone tried it?

    My shrink realized that my depression seems to be much worse in the winter than at other times, and said I might benefit from light therapy. So my family ordered me one of the special lamps for my birthday and it just arrived today. I was wondering if anybody had personal experience using light therapy to treat depression, seasonal affective disorder, or insomnia. Did you like it? Did it work for you?","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2008-11-17T20:33:23Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"https:

  • how to remove floorboard light bulb?

    Jeep grand Cherokee 98 do I pull the bulb staight out or do I twist it out? Really trying not to break anything","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2015-03-28T01:33:01Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"Dec 14, 2011 \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e i have a 96 ford probe se, and i

  • Where can I buy pure, whole sugar cane?

    I am looking to buy sugar cane - not cane sugar or refined sugar or raw sugar - but the WHOLE STALK. I had some over in Uganda last year, and have done many Google searches to try and find a place to buy some. The searches have not been very successful. Many of the sellers are from over seas. Any ideas? You'd think there would be a U.S. distributor of some kind.","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2007-04-04T21:45:53Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"

  • circuit diagram- easy 10 points?

    I don't quite understand how to draw a circuit diagram. Here are the instructions: 1) A DC power supply is used to operate a motor. The power supply is connected to a motor and a variable resistor in parallel with each other. The circuit is then completed with switch with a light bulb. An ammeter measures the current through the motor and a voltmeter meaures the voltage at the power supply. can you explain to me how you'd draw this kind of circuit- i really need to know for my exam!","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2008-06-16T18:49:34Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"

  • a good chocolate chip cookie recipe that does not come out cakey?

    everytime i make chocolate chip cookies the dough is really slimy and runny. when i cook it it comes out pale and cakey instead of brown. i follow the recipe to exact and cant figure out what i'm doing wrong please help. here is a standard recipe i would use. 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 cup packed light-brown sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 2 large eggs 2 cups (about 12 ounces) semisweet and/or milk chocolate chips","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2013-10-07T1

  • what does the expression sugar coated or sugar coating mean?

    "Be true! Be true! Be true! show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred!"","ogQuestionPublishedTime":"2009-09-07T15:32:17Z"}}},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","cacheUrl":"","clicktrackUrl":"","content":"Jan 5, 2010 \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e Whta is the